My name is Rob Tweed.  I’m a Director and co-founder of M/Gateway Developments Ltd, a UK company that, since 1996, has specialised in web and internet technologies, in particular in conjunction with the Caché and GT.M databases.

I’m the author of EWD.js, a Node.js-based framework for browser-based client/server applications.  EWD.js is specifically designed for use with the Caché and GT.M technologies, but supports other NoSQL databases including MongoDB and can be used as a framework with any other database technology.

My IT career started at the Royal Marsden Hospital, the UK’s premier cancer hospital based in London and Surrey, where I headed up the application development team within their Computer Department.

I spent 4 years working in the Healthcare IT team at Touche Ross Management Consultants in London, during which time (and for several years after) I was a key member of the NHS-Wide Networking Project team, one of Europe’s largest-ever networking projects, managed by the NHS Management Executive.

After becoming an independent consultant in the mid-1990s, I have focused exclusively on web technologies, with a particular focus on their role in healthcare.  I was the inspiration behind WebLink, a web gateway product that I and my fellow co-director Chris Munt created and sold to InterSystems, the vendor of Caché.  I also developed InterSystems’ WebLink Developer framework, the pre-cursor to EWD.js, and have consulted with and supported many of InterSystems’ major customers around the world to help them build their web application projects.  The largest of these customers is Quest Diagnostics in the USA who use both WebLink Developer and EWD (the immediate predecessor to EWD.js) to support their Care360 application: the world’s largest Caché-based, internet-facing web application.  I provide support to Quest Diagnostics for both EWD and WebLink Developer.

Recent high-profile work includes my technical support and development of the JavaScript User Interface for Oroville Hospital’s winning entry in 2013 to the US Dept of Veteran’s Affairs Scheduling competition.

My technical expertise includes over 30 years’ experience in the Mumps, Caché and GT.M technologies in not only healthcare but also a wide range of market sectors including financial services, online publishing and retail.  Other experience includes:

  • Node.js
  • Javascript
  • JSON
  • Javascript frameworks including Bootstrap, jQuery, ExtJS and Sencha Touch
  • NoSQL databases
  • WebSockets
  • XML
  • Mobile web applications and frameworks

I have presented at a wide range of conferences in the USA, UK and elsewhere, including Ajax World, Cloud Computing, EHI Live, London Node.js Users Group and InterSystems’ Developers Conference.

This blog, The EWD Files, provides insight and technical background to EWD.js and its use in market sectors such as healthcare.  It also aims to present a new and modern context in which to consider the role and value of the little-known and poorly-understood Caché and GT.M database technologies, particularly as uniquely powerful and flexible NoSQL databases that fit naturally into the new browser & JavaScript-dominated world.

Contact Details:

Email: rob.tweed@gmail.com

Twitter: @rtweed

Web: http://www.mgateway.com

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