EWD.js Training Course: Friday May 30th – Sunday June 1st 2014, Fairfax VA

For those who are interested in learning EWD.js, particularly in relation to modernising VistA, I’m running a course in Fairfax VA just before the WorldVistA Community Meeting: this 3-day comprehensive course runs from Friday 30th May until Sunday 1st June, 2014, and will be held at George Mason University.  You can register by clicking here.

Here’s the details about the course, as also posted on the WorldVistA site.


EWD.js ​is ​a ​framework ​for ​quick ​and ​easy ​development ​of ​modern, state-of-the-art ​browser-based ​client/server ​applications. ​It ​is specifically ​designed ​for ​use ​with ​Mumps ​databases ​and ​applications, ​and ​is therefore ​ideal ​as ​a ​tool ​to ​modernise ​VistA. ​EWD.js ​has ​become ​the de-facto ​toolset ​for ​modernising ​VistA ​for ​both ​desktop ​and ​mobile ​devices within ​the ​Open ​Source ​VistA ​development ​community, ​and ​has ​also ​recently been ​approved ​for ​use ​by ​the ​VA. ​If ​you ​want ​to ​be ​involved ​in ​VistA modernisation, ​then ​you ​need ​to ​find ​out ​about ​EWD.js!

​This ​3-day ​course ​will ​provide ​in-depth, ​intensive ​training ​in ​the installation, ​configuration, ​management ​and ​use ​of ​EWD.js. ​The ​course ​is suitable ​for ​beginners ​and ​experienced ​web ​application ​developers ​alike.  It ​involves ​a ​combination ​of ​classroom ​teaching/presentation ​and ​practical hands-on ​development ​exercises. ​By ​the ​end ​of ​the ​course, ​you ​should ​be ​in a ​position ​to ​develop ​modern ​HTML5-based ​desktop ​and ​mobile ​browser-based applications ​on ​top ​of ​VistA.

​Course ​Summary:

The ​EWD.js ​Course ​will ​be ​held ​May ​30 ​- ​June ​1, ​2014 ​at ​George ​Mason University, ​Fairfax ​VA.  ​The ​VistA ​Community ​Meeting ​will ​immediately ​follow ​this ​course: ​June ​2 ​- 4, ​2014.

This ​course ​is ​designed ​for ​all ​VistA ​developers ​who ​wish ​to ​learn ​about EWD.js ​and ​its ​ground-breaking ​features:

  • ​the ​Node.js-based ​ewdGateway2 ​platform;
  • ​developing ​EWD.js ​applications ​entirely ​in ​Javascript ​and ​JSON;
  • ​the ​abstraction ​of ​the ​MUMPS ​database ​as ​a ​Native ​JSON ​database;
  • ​lightweight,event-driven, ​ ​realtime ​browser-based ​client/server applications ​using ​EWD.js’s ​WebSocket ​framework;
  • ​VistA ​integration ​with ​EWD.js.
  • EWD.js’s ​secured ​Web ​Services;
  • ​the ​EWD ​REST ​Server;
  • ​external ​messaging ​mechanism, ​allowing ​injection ​of ​messages ​from ​other processes;
  • building Chromecast applications.

Other ​topics ​covered ​will ​include:

  • Configuring ​and ​running ​EWD.js ​with ​GT.M ​and ​Cache
  • ​Managing ​and ​monitoring ​EWD.js.
  • Debugging ​EWD.js ​applications.

The ​course ​will ​assume ​no ​prior ​knowledge ​of ​EWD.js ​or ​browser-based development. ​By ​the ​end ​of ​the ​3-day ​course, ​all ​students ​should ​be ​capable of ​creating ​desktop ​and ​mobile ​web ​front-ends ​for ​VistA.

Ideally, ​attendees ​should ​be ​familiar ​with ​either:

This ​course ​will ​be ​suitable ​for ​not ​only ​MUMPS ​developers ​who ​have ​at least ​a ​basic ​understanding ​of ​JavaScript, ​but ​also ​JavaScript ​developers who ​want ​to ​learn ​how ​to ​implement ​browser-based ​interfaces ​for ​VistA without ​having ​to ​learn ​and ​understand ​the ​MUMPS ​language.

Student ​are ​encouraged ​to ​read ​the ​EWD.js ​documentation ​in ​advance ​of ​the course, ​although ​this ​is ​not ​an ​essential ​requirement.

In ​order ​to ​save ​time ​during ​the ​training, ​students ​should ​have:

  • ​A ​web ​browser, ​ideally ​Chrome, ​and ​a ​good ​text ​editor ​and/or ​JavaScript editor/IDE.
  • ​For ​Mac ​OS ​X ​users, ​Coda ​2 ​is ​a ​highly ​recommended ​toolset ​for ​EWD.js development.
  • A ​laptop ​computer ​with ​either ​the ​dEWDrop ​VM ​installed ​and ​running ​(on either ​VMWare ​or ​VirtualBox) ​or ​an ​instance ​of ​VistA ​& ​EWD.js ​created ​by the ​OSEHRA ​installer.

You’ll ​need ​to ​be ​able ​to ​create ​and ​edit ​files ​on ​your ​dEWDrop ​or ​OSEHRA VistA ​VM ​and ​run ​the ​GT.M ​shell. ​Windows ​users ​should ​install ​WinSCP ​and puTTY ​in ​order ​to ​do ​this.


I look forward to seeing you there!



  1. Gotta say that if you can get to Rob’s class on EWD, you really should take the opportunity. Unlike his previous tool sets, this new stuff really stretches your understanding of traditional mumps/cache/gtm programming. (If “traditional” is relevant word for these somewhat fringe technologies). Clearly, if you are involved in VA/VistA work, it will probably become critical but the benefits for standard web app design are monumental. I paid out of pocket and feel it was an outstanding investment.

    Just read the course intro and get your machine prepared ahead of time to get the most out of the sessions.


  2. I’m attending. Room at George Mason is still TBD?

    1. Yes – I’m still waiting for the info from Nancy Anthracite. Will post here when available

  3. The course will kick off at 8:30am on Friday in Room 5-6 next to the Ballroom in the same building as the VistA Community Meeting

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