Monthly Archives: December 2013

Developing EWD.js Applications using a Chromebook

My previous posting discussed the many potential benefits of using a Chromebook instead of a “traditional” full-blown PC or Mac.  Whilst it’s clear that a Chromebook can be used for the growing numbers of cloud-based services and browser-based applications, it’s less clear how you could use one if you’re an application developer.  It turns out […]

Chromebooks: The Ideal Healthcare Desktop?

Somewhere between 1995 and 1996, I remember reading an article by Marc Andreesen, the creator of the Mosaic browser and a key part of the Netscape team, in which he surmised that at some point in the future, the browser would make Operating Systems obsolete, by providing all the services a user would need.  That […]

A New Chapter for EWD.js: now supporting MongoDB

Given the JavaScript and JSON focus of EWD.js, it was somewhat inevitable that I’d want to extend its capabilities to include support for MongoDB: after all, MongoDB is probably the most successful of the Document-oriented databases in the NoSQL marketplace right now.  It’s also a lot better known than the Mumps database technologies that have […]