Announcing EWD.js

I’ve just released a new product that I’ve named EWD.js.  It aims to pull together all the things I’ve been talking about in these blog posts over the past months into a single product.

So what is it?  EWD.js is a framework for developing a new breed of browser-based applications: ones that move away from the restrictions of HTTP and Ajax, and instead use the new bi-directional event-driven capabilities made possible by WebSockets.

EWD.js is also built around the uniquely powerful capabilities of Mumps databases (GT.M, Cache and GlobalsDB), exposing and abstracting them as a collection of persistent JavaScript Objects.  If you thought MongoDB was the JSON database of choice, start checking out how EWD.js breathes new NoSQL life into a little-known, badly misunderstood, but highly capable database technology.

EWD.js is entirely JavaScript-based.  For those of you who thought that the Mumps technology required the use of an archaic and out-moded language: think again.  EWD.js neither uses nor requires any knowledge of the Mumps language.

Want to find out more?  Rather than repeat all the information here, you’ll find out everything you need to know in the EWD.js Reference Manual.

Read and enjoy the new direction for browser-based applications and the Mumps database technology!




  1. Rob, this is a very exciting development. I look forward to creating new websocket-based applications with it. And I will continue to improve the Nodem GT.M driver interface. Good job as always.

  2. Looks very promising, but I didn’t see any way of transaction handling on javascript side. So, there is still difficult to keep most of business logic on javascript server side because of that. You have to write that code on MUMPS.

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