Monthly Archives: February 2013

Installing ewdGateway2 for Caché + Windows

The following is a quick tutorial for users of Caché, explaining how to install ewdGateway2: the Node.js platform for EWD. This tutorial assumes you’re using Windows 7 (64 bit) along with Caché 2012.1 or later (earlier versions of Caché don’t include the Node.js interface module).  If your set-up is different, you may need to adjust some of the […]

ewdGateway2: Node.js Platform for EWD Web Apps

As those of you who read my blog articles will know by now, I spend a lot of time working with Node.js in conjunction with the two main Mumps implementations: GT.M and Caché. A key focus of my work is EWD: my web application framework that is designed specifically for use with these two database […]

Using Mumps Globals To Model a System (Part 2)

In Part 1 I introduced the ewdDOM module for Node.js which implements a persistent XML DOM using Mumps Global Storage.  By the end of the article, we saw how a new, but empty, DOM was modelled using a number of Global Nodes that worked together, and how it was the Javascript logic with the ewdDOM […]

Using Mumps Globals To Model a System (Part 1)

My earlier article titled A Phoenix Rises described an OO Javascript abstraction that I’ve created for Mumps Global Storage, the purpose of which is to introduce this fascinating but little-understood database technology to a new generation of modern developers. If you’ve examined the methods and properties that my OO projection exposes for each instance of a GlobalNode […]