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Testing Node.js + Global Storage using the dEWDrop VM

If you’re wanting to try out the Node.js OO projection of Mumps Global Storage, and you’re not familiar with using or setting up a Mumps system, the simplest approach right now is to download and run a copy of David Wicksell’s dEWDrop Virtual Machine (VM). Here’s a step-by-step guide to running an example Node.js file […]

To the Node.js Community: Healthcare needs your help!

This is a posting aimed at the growing community of Node.js developers.   I want to bring your attention to an industry that is crying out for your skills and expertise: healthcare. It’s a little-known fact outside of Healthcare IT (and even sometimes within it!) that a significant number of the largest and most important […]

A Phoenix Rises

This is the third in a series of articles which explores a way forward for the future of the Mumps database and a solution to recruiting a new generation of developers to support, maintain and onwardly-develop the vast and important legacy of healthcare applications that have been developed using the Mumps language and database. [Previous […]

Can a Phoenix arise from the ashes of Mumps? (Part 2)

Ask a Mumps devotee to explain what he/she believes is its magic ingredient and you’ll get one or more of the following being highlighted: the easy-going interpreted language and its loosely-typed nature, which allows for rapid development the database which uses a concept and model known as Global Storage.  This storage model and its impressive […]

Can a Phoenix arise from the ashes of Mumps?

There’s a major problem that is growing increasingly critical in the Mumps application world: where are the new generation of developers going to come from to support what is a pretty massive legacy of applications? The US Dept of Veterans’ Affairs’ (VA) VistA Electronic Healthcare Record (EHR) is just one of a large number of healthcare […]