Installing and Configuring openMDWS

This is a short posting that will outline how to get openMDWS up and running on a VistA server.

openMDWS is designed to run on both Caché and GT.M systems.  Currently it is only available on GT.M systems.  Full Caché support will come in due course: in the meantime, I can provide advice on getting it running on Caché systems on a consultancy basis.

GT.M Users:

– if you haven’t already installed EWD, do so now.  Follow the installation instructions in the Appendix at the back of the EWD ExtJS documentation.  Better still, download the dEWDrop VM which provides you with a ready-to-run GT.M/VistA/EWD system, complete with test data.

openMDWS is likely to be pre-installed in future releases of the dEWDrop VM, but for now you’ll need to update the EWD routine files (_zewd*.m) with those in Build 945.

– Also get hold of the openMDWS core back-end EWD Application.   Copy this into a new EWD Application directory named openMDWS and compile it using:

do compileAll^%zewdAPI(“openMDWS”)

That’s it! openMDWS is ready to use.


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