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Consuming openMDWS Services using EWD (Part 2)

In this second part of my two-part article, I’m going to go through in detail how to build an EWD application that consumes openMDWS services. Although I’ll be posting here all the source code that makes up the example application, you can download it all from the EWD Github site.  If you download it, copy […]

Consuming openMDWS Services using EWD (Part 1)

Previous postings have provided an overview of openMDWS, in addition to creating and testing openMDWS services.  In this and the next posting I’m going to focus on the environment where they really come into their own: EWD. EWD is a web application development framework that is optimised for Mumps and Caché systems, making it ideally […]

Testing openMDWS Services

My three previous posts have provided an overview of openMDWS, technical details on how to define openMDWS services and how to install openMDWS. In this article I’ll be looking at how you can very simply test openMDWS methods that have been wrappered to behave as an HTTP/XML-based web service. The current implementation of openMDWS provides a […]

Installing and Configuring openMDWS

This is a short posting that will outline how to get openMDWS up and running on a VistA server. openMDWS is designed to run on both Caché and GT.M systems.  Currently it is only available on GT.M systems.  Full Caché support will come in due course: in the meantime, I can provide advice on getting […]

The openMDWS Cookbook

My previous posting outlined the thinking behind openMDWS.  In this article I’d like to delve into the technical stuff and show, by use of a few examples, how openMDWS services can be created.  If you’re not a technical person, this posting may not be for you! The first and key step is to be clear […]

openMDWS: Transforming VistA into an Open Source Service-Oriented Platform for Healthcare

I’ve been doing a lot of work over the last few years within the WorldVistA community ( this is a community that is enhancing VistA (the Electronic Healthcare Record [EHR] developed by the US Dept of Veterans Affairs [VA]) for use outside the VA.  Through WorldVistA’s endeavours, VistA is now in use in growing numbers […]

Time to Open-Source Caché?

There’s something I’ve been thinking a lot about over the past few years.  Those who know me have often heard me surmising about it.  To date I’ve not really talked about it publicly, but I’ve decided it’s perhaps time I did.  It’s a contentious idea: I really think that it’s about time InterSystems bit the […]