A well-kept secret?

Some readers may be new to the GT.M and Caché technologies and have never really heard of then before.  Others who may have come across them here and there (and even some of you who already use them) may not realise how pervasive they actually are.  Some of you may be using them without realising.

Here’s a quick list of some products based on these technologies and some well-known users of the technologies in two sectors: healthcare and financial services.  Hopefully interesting reading, and, for some, a bit eye-opening.

Feel free to add to this list via comments if you know of more (and correct me if appropriate)


Products based on Mumps and/or Caché:

  • VistA (US Dept of Veterans Affairs)
  • CHCS (US Dept of Defense)
  • Epic
  • EMIS (“legacy” product)
  • IDX Flowcast (now part of GE Healthcare)
  • Meditech
  • McKesson (STAR?)
  • InterSystems TrakCare (Caché + CSP)

Users of Mumps and/or Caché:

  • Quadramed
  • Sunquest
  • Quest Diagnostics

InterSystems Ensemble is widely used in healthcare, particularly in the US and the UK, for integrating disparate systems.  Inside every Ensemble system is a Caché database.  Ditto InterSystems’ Healthshare product.

Financial Services

Users of Mumps and/or Caché:

  • BNP Paribas
  • ING Direct (user of GT.M Profile)
  • Ontario Systems
  • Ameritrade

A commonly used package for investment portfolio management, particularly in the UK, is Quasar.  Again, a Mumps product.


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