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Design-centered development

During the late 1990s I had the pleasure of working with Nucleus Design Ltd, a design consultancy based in Thames Ditton in the UK.  One of the projects I was involved in was the development of a web-based shopping pilot application for one of the major supermarkets in the UK: one of the first of […]

The Stateful Illusion

In some of my earlier postings, I’ve explained how the underlying web-application and web service architecture of both GT.M and Caché are natively stateless, by virtue of the gateways they support.  Our web application development framework, EWD, makes use of this stateless architecture. When writing a web application, it’s normally necessary to create, for the user, […]

I have seen the future and it’s Node.js shaped

Perhaps it’s because I’ve been around IT for quite a while: since the late 1970s in fact.  Perhaps I’m just jaded and cynical.  I’ve watched so many technologies come and go, and I’ve watched IT trends circling in and out of fashion.  I’m sorry to say that most times when the “next big thing” coming […]

A well-kept secret?

Some readers may be new to the GT.M and Caché technologies and have never really heard of then before.  Others who may have come across them here and there (and even some of you who already use them) may not realise how pervasive they actually are.  Some of you may be using them without realising. Here’s […]

All I want for Christmas

Since they are both variations of the Mumps database and language, comparisons between Caché and GT.M are inevitable.  The major difference is that GT.M is unapologetically a pretty straightforward pure Mumps implementation with few added frills: the philosophy is that if you need extra functionality than provided by the raw Mumps environment, you can easily and […]

Natively Stateless

My first posting promised to explain in detail the native stateless web/HTTP environment that is available to the primary Mumps implementations: GT.M and Caché.  So here we go. Time after time I’ve seen examples of people grafting mainstream web/HTTP environments and frameworks onto Mumps and Caché systems.  The architecture is always basically the same, as […]

A Case of the Mumps

I’ve been a developer since the late 1970’s and still going strong.  Over the years I’ve had to learn and develop using most of the well-known computer languages and one of the least-known.  I’ve had to understand a large number well enough to code-generate them.  Most I learned to hate.  Most were too cumbersome, tedious, […]

Mumps: the Universal NoSQL Database

Many casual readers of this blog who have turned up here out of passing interest are probably now thinking: Mumps? WTF is that?  That’s got to be some kind of joke, Rob…what have you been smoking mate? The ironic thing is that if you, the reader, has been to your doctor, had treatment at a […]

Clueless About Stateless

My partner in crime at M/Gateway Developments, Chris Munt, first developed in 1994 what became known as the WebLink gateway for Mumps systems (now known by InterSystems, to whom we sold it in 1996, as the “legacy” web gateway for Cache).  Since then he’s gone on to create the CSP gateway for InterSystems and the […]