Until now, QEWD has made use of Express and socket.io to provide its outward-facing HTTP(S) and WebSockets interface. A recent benchmark test came to my attention, which highlighted the fact that the performance of these two dependent technologies is not exactly leading-edge. One of the alternatives to Express that performed very well in the benchmark – […]

Removing the Technical Limitations and Developer Complexities of Node.js Imagine all the benefits of Node.js: one language and technology for both front-end and back-end development, plus its outstanding performance; BUT without the concerns of concurrency and heavy CPU processing, AND with high-level database abstractions: with some interesting parallels to Amazon Web Services’ Lambda, that’s what […]

  Today I’m announcing the latest evolution in my EWD products.  I’m calling it EWD 3. Unlike the original “legacy” “server-pages” version o EWD (EWD 1) and the Node.js-based EWD.js (EWD 2), EWD 3 isn’t a single product, but a suite of Node.js modules, each of which does just one specific job. The core EWD […]

One of the underlying rules of using Node.js is that all operations that involve external resources should be non-blocking, and therefore handled asynchronously.  The reason is that Node.js JavaScript code runs as a single thread, and if that code is handling the simultaneous activities of lots of users, then anything that blocks this thread would […]

It’s not often I discover a new framework or technology and get immediately excited about it.  Often that’s because the technology in question will either seem to me to be a solution to something I don’t perceive to be a problem in the first place, or because in addressing one problem, the technology introduces a […]

What Are Micro-Services? Micro-Services are the latest big buzz in the web and browser-based application development world.  As with many buzzwords in IT, the term is somewhat vague and difficult to specifically pin-point, but it’s worth reading the definitive paper by Martin Fowler on the subject: http://martinfowler.com/articles/microservices.html In a nutshell, Micro-Services are all about moving […]

I’ve seen this question posed about EWD.js, something along the lines of: Why should the VA and others put their faith in and backing behind EWD.js, a framework developed and supported by a small UK company, when there are plenty of well-known and community-supported Node.js frameworks for web application development? I’d like to try to […]